New Editors Calgary workshop: MS Word’s Timesaving Tools—Including Macros

Please note: due to low registration numbers we have had to cancel this seminar. We do hope to offer it again in the new year.

Presenter: Andrea Martin
Date: Friday, November 24
Time: 9 a.m. – 4 p.m.
Location: Community Wise Resource Centre – 223 12 Ave SW, Calgary, AB T2R 0G9


Members (including members of CAFE and students): Until November 13, $127.50 / After November 13 $150
Non-members: Until November 13, $170 / After November 13 $200

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In this workshop, you will learn to use Microsoft Word’s built-in features to help speed your writing and editing. You will learn keyboard shortcuts, auto-text, auto-correct, quick parts, styles and templates, and macros.

By the end of the day you will be able to record macros that aren’t covered by Word’s built-in features. There will be lots of practice so that when you return to your office, you will be able to start using your newly acquired skills right away.

Please note that this workshop is taught in MS Word 2016 with a Windows 10 operating system. Participants should have MS Word versions of 2010 or later with Windows 7 or higher. Mac users should be familiar enough with their operating system and Word for Mac that they can adapt what is taught on a PC. For example, some keyboard shortcuts and menu items will be different on a Mac.

Morning and afternoon coffee and snacks provided.

Instructor bio

In 1995 Andrea Martin enrolled in a four-month long computer course. On her first day she didn’t even know how to turn one on. Upon graduation, she was asked to stay on as a teacher and hasn’t looked back. Teaching people how to use computers and solve problems have been her passion ever since.

After two years of classroom teaching, she became a training coordinator for a natural gas pipeline company. In that role she formatted and edited technical training materials. Today she freelances in the same field.

Andrea uses Microsoft Word’s shortcuts and macros to speed up the formatting and editing process, and she continually searches for faster ways to perform repetitious tasks. In this workshop she wants to share her in-depth knowledge of how to apply Word’s powerful tools to help others streamline their writing and editing time.

2 thoughts on “New Editors Calgary workshop: MS Word’s Timesaving Tools—Including Macros

  1. Hi! I work with Mac Word, and even though I think I am familiar enough with it to transfer what you will be teaching on a PC, I’d like to make sure. Can you provide any more specific information on what a Mac user should be familiar with?


  2. Great question Wendy. Here is Andrea’s response:

    Hello Wendy,

    I copied the list below from Microsoft. It is a list of shortcuts in Word for Mac. For some of the shortcuts, Windows users press either Shift or Control + a letter, as does a Mac user (first four items). However, some of the actions like “Choose the Go To command” you press different combinations than I would on a PC. I press Control + G. I plan to have a list like this handy in class for Mac users. We won’t be using all of the shortcuts, just the ones I find most useful to formatting and editing.

    From what I read on the internet, the more recent the Word version, the more similar the user interface becomes. For example, the ribbons and groups. So you should be able to adapt. The practice files we will use are saved as *.docx, which is now common to both operating systems, so you won’t have problems opening and manipulating them.

    Does this help? Please write with any more questions.


    Undo the last action + Z or Control + Z
    Cut selected text or graphics + X or Control + X
    Copy selected text or graphics to the Clipboard + C or Control + C
    Paste the Clipboard contents + V or Control + V
    Choose the Go To command (Edit menu) Option + + G
    Open the Spelling and Grammar dialog box Option + + L

    Extend a selection F8
    Go to the next window + Grave accent ( ` )
    Choose the Save As command (File menu). + Shift + S
    Copy selected text Shift + F2
    Change letters to uppercase, lowercase, or mixed case Shift + F3
    Find or Find and Replace Control+F for Find; places the focus in the Search box
    Control+H for Find and Replace
    Print a document + P or Control + P
    Move to the previous insertion point Shift + F5
    Go to the previous window + Shift + `
    Open the Thesaurus pane Shift+ F7
    Shrink a selection Shift+ F8
    Switch between a field code and its result Shift + F9
    Cut the selection to the Spike + F3
    Close the window + F4
    Expand or minimize the ribbon Option + + R
    Edit a bookmark + Shift + F5
    Find the next misspelling or grammatical error. The Check spelling as you type check box must be selected (Word menu, Preferences command, Spelling and Grammar). Option + F7
    Look up selected text on the Internet + Shift + L


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