Eight-Step Editing

The EC Calgary twig’s April 28 interactive workshop was well attended by familiar faces and out-of-towners, novice and experienced editors alike. Elizabeth d’Anjou, a confident, careful, and capable editor, has presented Jim Taylor’s workshop for many years. She encouraged participation, as well as discussion on our diverse approaches to varying examples.

The course included Jim Taylor’s revised edition of Eight-Step Editing, a comprehensive and helpful guide with editing information, relevant essays, and real examples with possible solutions. Elizabeth highlighted pertinent material in the course book, but some examples were sacrificed for group discussions, which made the day quite lively and left us with plenty of material to practice at home.

The focus of the Eight-Step Editing course is improving readability with stylistic and structural editing. I would encourage editors to explore this method as it provides a useful review to brush up on skills and a strategic procedure to create a stronger editing technique. The Eight-Step system will stimulate and strengthen your editorial toolbox. The seminar also gives insight into explaining edits to your clients with plain language and a clear approach.

Elizabeth also recommended two further resources: Word by Word, by Kory Stamper (for fun), and Editing Canadian English 3rd Edition, published by Editors Canada (for function).

Contact Editors Calgary at eac.calgary@gmail.com to recommend a topic for the next seminar, planned for this fall. We’re also always looking for bloggers to write about Calgary’s editing scene!

~ Raina Schnider

One thought on “Eight-Step Editing

  1. What a lovely write-up, Raina. Thanks to all at Editors Calgary for the warm welcome. I enjoyed presenting to your group and visiting with some local eds afterwards. (And the next day, I bought some great new boots at Gravity Pope—I’ll think fondly of my visit to Calgary every time I wear them!)


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