EAC Certification

Registration has now opened for the EAC Certification exams, which will be held on Saturday, November 14. This year’s exams will test copyediting and stylistic editing (the proofreading and structural editing exams will be held in 2016). You can register for the exams between now and October 23.

More information about the certification process can be found on the EAC Professional Development page.


You don’t need to be an EAC member to take the certification exams, although there is a discount for members. You can write one or both of the exams; EAC suggests that you have a certain level of experience in each area before attempting the certification exam, though, as they’re testing not for competence but for excellence.

The Calgary twig will be organizing a study group for anyone planning to write the exams, either this year or considering writing in the future. If you’re interested in joining the study group, contact us at calgary.twig@editors.ca, so that we can find an appropriate venue; we can talk more about the exams and the study group at the coffee meetup at Second Cup in Kensington on August 19.

See you then!


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