The First Meeting of the Calgary Twig

The Calgary Twig hosted its first social event on June 18 at the Raw Bar, Hotel Arts, and we’re so pleased that nearly two dozen Calgary-area editors were able to join us (and sorry that a few others had to send their regrets). It was wonderful to get to know so many others who share our interest in the profession, both those who are just starting out on their career paths and those who’ve been working as wordsmiths for decades.


We’ll be getting together for less formal social gatherings on a regular basis, so please be sure we have your email address if you want to be informed; just send a message to and we’ll add your address to our Gmail group. We’ll also be able to keep you updated on our professional development plans, including a workshop in the Fall as well as study groups for anyone interested in writing the EAC certification exams in November.

If you’re already a member of EAC, please let the association know that you’d like your membership switched to the Calgary twig. And if you have ideas for blog posts, we’d love to hear from you: we want this to be a space for all of us.


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